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 Best Silver IRA Company for 2024 

It is pertinent to mention that this article does not serve as financial advice for gold or other precious metals IRA investments. We highly recommend seeking the services of a certified professional financial advisor before making any investment.

With that said, let's get straight into business.

If you want to invest in silver or add silver products to your gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) portfolio, then this article is just what you need. This article will not just guide you into the process but show you reputable companies that will help you open a silver IRA account and sell high-premium quality silver products to you for inclusion in your precious metals IRA.

Silver is one of the four precious metals investors can add to their gold IRA portfolios. Often, it is the second most preferred precious metals investment choice for retirement savers after gold because of its effectiveness in helping savers build properly diversified investment portfolios.

Gold, the most preferred precious metal by retirement savers, is highly valuable. Most central banks globally use gold as a reserve currency because of its stable price properties. According to the 2020 Silver and Gold projection report by CPM, a commodity research organization, the value of the global gold market was $24.5T in 2019. This value was five times larger than the worldwide market value of silver, worth around $4.4T.

Gold investments preserve wealth and store value rather than give investors huge profits from substantial price fluctuations. Hence, most retirement savers who are risk takers and want more ROI (Return on Investments) from the significant price fluctuations of precious metals choose silver investments. Many factors cause the volatility in the price of silver, but its relatively small market size is at the top of the list.

You can buy silver products to keep in your home. Aside from that, you can buy them for inclusion in your silver IRA portfolio. If you buy them within an IRA, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) prohibits storing the metals in your home.

Before you begin buying silver within an IRA, you will need the services of a custodian to help you set up your IRS-approved silver IRA account. When opening the account, you can fund it directly with cash or rollover funds from an eligible existing retirement account (401k, 403b, etc.) into the new silver IRA account.

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Bearlakegold has put together this article to offer interested investors information on what they need to know about silver and silver IRA investments and how to know the best silver and gold investment companies for opening a silver IRA account or purchasing physical silver coins and bars.

The following section lists our top five silver IRA companies in the United States, what makes them unique, and how they work.

Our Best Silver IRA Company for 2024

#1 Augusta Precious Metals Silver IRA

Are you looking for a competent silver IRA company to help you set up your silver IRA or buy silver products from? Augusta Precious Metals is your surest bet. However, you will make a minimum investment of $50,000 to do business with Augusta.

Augusta Precious Metals offers its clients competitive pricing on all their silver products, including coins, bars, and rounds. The company's prices are lower than most retailers because they buy products directly from wholesalers and precious metals mints. You will save more when you buy gold and silver coins and bars from Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta Precious Metals sells various silver coins and bars for investors to buy. Some silver coins available are Chinese Pandas, American Silver Eagle, and Canadian Maple Leaf. In addition, they have various sizes of silver bars from major mints, including Johnson Matthey, Sunshine, and Engelhard. Augusta also sells legal tenders issued by governments and low-premium silver bars.

Hence, no matter the type of silver you want to buy or the silver IRA account you want to open, you can bank on the quality services of Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta partners with one of the best precious metals depositories in the United States, Delaware Depository, to offer fully insured storage services for silver in your IRA account. The company provides segregated storage solutions, meaning your silver products will be stored separately from the products of other customers. When you want to withdraw your silver, you will get the same silver products you kept in Delaware Depository’s storage vaults.

In addition, you will always be in charge and have total control of your silver holdings stored in the secure facility. It means you can get the physical metals delivered to your desired location or liquidate them when you want to.

Augusta Precious Metals works with precious metals experts to help you set up your silver IRA and buy silver products for inclusion in your account. They can help you understand how much silver you need to add to your IRA account for proper diversification based on your risk tolerance.

These experts stay updated with the news in the gold market and trends to ensure they provide the accurate guidance you need on the best time to buy or sell silver products.

Augusta has become the leading silver IRA company in the precious metals market through its wide range of products, professional support team, and secure storage options.

Features of Augusta Precious Metals

  • They are an excellent choice for medium and large-scale investors.
  • They offer the industry's best precious metals and silver IRA educational materials.
  • They have promotional offers that allow investors to GET FREE GOLD.
  • They have a very transparent fee structure.
  • They offer a simple setup process for silver IRA account opening.
  • They offer a lifetime customer service commitment to their customers.
  • They have thousands of excellent feedback and 5-star ratings from satisfied customers on trusted consumer rating websites.
  • They offer their customers exceptional customer service experiences.
  • They offer competitive prices.

To get started with Augusta, download the company's full silver IRA investment guide for free.

2nd Best  Silver IRA Company 2024

#2.Goldco Silver Dealers

Goldco is the second-best silver and gold IRA company on our top-five list. The company is famous in the precious metals industry because of its rich experience and its ability to simplify the entire process of opening a silver IRA account and protecting your precious metal investments.

The precious metal IRA company is one of the best for portfolio diversification using physical silver coins and bars. Goldco allows you to convert your traditional IRA to a silver IRA seamlessly. In addition, the company works with professional precious metals experts to assist you throughout the conversion process.

Goldco knows the importance of seeking the services of expert financial advisors, especially when you want to make significant investments. Hence, Goldco employs finance specialists who can assist you in choosing the best retirement investment assets based on your financial goals. Ultimately, the company helps you choose the best assets to make your post-retirement years comfortable.

In addition, the company works with the best silver IRA custodian and IRS-approved depository in the United States. The IRA custodian will be responsible for setting up your silver IRA account, while the depository will ensure that the metals are securely stored.

As mentioned, the IRS will not allow investors to keep their silver products bought within an IRA in their homes. Goldco sticks to the IRS's strict regulations when opening a silver IRA account for its investors.

The company has many comprehensive educational resources to benefit new and existing precious metals investors. These materials explain all you need to know about IRA investments if you are a beginner. Goldco is committed to its client education, and this dedication separates it from other players in the industry.

Just like Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco has thousands of five-star ratings and positive reviews on reputable consumer rating websites like BBB (Better Business Bureau), BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, and Trustlink.

Features of Goldco

  • They make the entire process of opening a silver IRA account simple and seamless.
  • The company has over 4,000 five-star ratings from multiple clients on various consumer rating websites.
  • They have transacted precious metals worth over $1B.
  • You will GET FREE SILVER worth $10,000 when you open a silver IRA account through Goldco and qualify for a rollover.
  • They have an extensive catalog of silver and gold bars, rounds, and coins.
  • They have dedicated experts who will guide you through opening and setting up your silver IRA.

Get your Goldco investment kit for free and CLAIM YOUR $10,000 WORTH OF FREE SILVER by clicking this link.

Third Best Silver IRA Firm 2024

#3. American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is one of the best in the industry for opening a silver IRA and selling high-quality silver investment assets. The company is a very reputable one. Hence, it is a trusted name in the silver IRA investment market.

American Hartford Gold has assisted customers in portfolio diversification using silver and other precious metals for over ten years.

The company works with a highly experienced customer service department that guides customers through opening and rolling over funds from their existing retirement accounts to their new silver IRA accounts.

American Hartford Gold offers competitive gold and silver prices and has no hidden fees. In addition, the company works with secure storage depositories that provide safe, fully insured, and secure storage for your gold and silver products. The IRS approves these depositories to offer secure storage solutions to customers.

You can buy gold and silver coins and bars from Goldco and have them ship your assets to the depository or your home (if you purchased outside a gold or silver IRA).

The minimum investment requirement is $10,000. Although it may seem a bit high for some investors, the quality of products and services that American Hartford Gold offers gives you the desired value for every dollar you invest. The company is a silver IRA firm you can trust with your financial future, especially for your retirement.

Furthermore, American Hartford Gold shows it is a leader in the industry through the professional and white-glove services its customers enjoy.

The company ensures you set up your silver IRA account quickly so you will start enjoying the tax advantages of owing a gold IRA immediately. Opening a silver IRA through American Hartford Gold means that your investments are safe, and you have nothing to worry about.

Features of American Hartford Gold

  • They have many positive reviews and five-star ratings on various trusted consumer rating websites.
  • They sell a wide range of gold and silver coins and bars.
  • They offer the best buyback program in the industry.
  • They offer various discounts on precious metal purchases, including free storage.

Download the American Hartford Gold Silver IRA investment kit here for free to start investing in silver today.

Fourth Rated Silver IRA Firm 2024

#4 Birch Gold Silver IRA

This silver IRA company is one of the most reputable in the industry regarding rolling over funds from an existing retirement account into a precious metals IRA. It offers customers an easy way to convert their traditional IRA into physical gold and silver retirement accounts.

The entire silver IRA rollover process with Birch Gold requires these three simple steps.

  • Fill out some documents for the paperwork.
  • Open your self-directed IRA account and fund it.
  • Decide the percentage you want to invest in precious metal coins and bars.

When you finish the account setting-up funding process and buy metals, Birch Gold will source, package, and ship your metals directly to your custodian or preferred storage depository. The company can also ship your metals to your home if you bought your metals outside an IRA.

Doing business with Birch Gold gives you the following advantages:

  • You will not pay tax penalties. Birch Gold offers direct rollover (IRA-to-IRA), so you will not incur early withdrawal penalties.
  • You will outrightly own your physical precious metals and have complete control because Birch Gold stores your assets in your name.
  • You can invest in any IRA-eligible precious metals categories (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) for effective portfolio diversification.
  • You can change the precious metals allocation in your IRA whenever you want for portfolio rebalancing.

For over ten years, Birch Gold has assisted United States citizens in investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Features of Birch Gold Group

  • They have high ratings and numerous positive feedback from clients on BBB.
  • They offer excellent customer service.
  • They work with experts who help investors make informed decisions about their precious metal investments.
  • They offer competitive and transparent pricing for their products and services.
  • They offer fully insured and secure storage by partnering with Delaware Depository and Brinks Global Services for storage services.

Birch Gold is a worthy silver IRA company to consider if you want to hedge your funds against inflation, set up and roll over funds to your silver IRA, diversify your retirement portfolio, and expose your retirement portfolio to precious metals' long-term growth potential.

The knowledgeable team that Birch Gold works with will lead you through the opening and setting up of your silver IRA without incurring any tax penalties.

To open your silver IRA account through Birch Gold, please click the link to download the company's gold and silver investment guide for free.

5th Best Silver IRA Provider 2024

#5 Noble Gold Silver IRA

For many years, Noble Gold Investments has been securing the retirement funds of its customers using precious metals IRAs. They ensure they keep their client's wealth safe by providing them with simple ways to buy precious metals. This company focuses on how they can help customers increase their investment values.

Noble Gold says a precious metal investment is "Security You Can Hold." The company knows that many investors do not own precious metals because they are not fully aware of the benefits in their portfolio, especially in times of economic uncertainties.

Hence, Noble Gold Investments educates investors and anyone who wants to listen about how precious metals can keep their portfolios stable and secure their retirements.

Precious metals are tangible, real, and physical assets that go opposite from the stock market, dollar, and paper investment assets throughout history—gold and silver cushions investors' funds from economic and political risks.

Suppose you want to buy precious metals via a silver or gold IRA in the most simplified way and through a company that will help you handle your paperwork. In that case, contact a Noble Gold Investment representative here.

Feature of Noble Gold Investments

  • They offer IRA account opening in three simple steps.
  • They pay attention to helping their customers preserve wealth in the long term.
  • They have a precious metals secure depository situated in Texas.
  • The company's minimum IRA investment is $2,000, making it an attractive option for low-budget investors.
  • They offer a wide range of investment options.

You can get your free Noble Gold Investment kit immediately by clicking this link.

What is a Silver IRA?

Silver IRAs are a type of retirement account that allows investors to include physical silver coins and bars in their retirement portfolio. This type of IRA does not hold traditional assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). A silver IRA allows you to include tangible assets with intrinsic values. These assets can help you shield your funds from devaluation and hedge against inflation.

Opening a silver IRA account requires you to work with a custodian. A silver IRA custodian is a unique financial institution approved by the IRS to set up and manage gold and silver IRAs. The custodian will help you select the best SDIRA (Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account) to provide flexibility and control based on your investment goals.

When you open a silver IRA, you can control the quantity and type of silver coins and bars you want to include in your retirement portfolio. Other IRAs allow you to add alternative assets like real estate, cryptocurrencies, etc.

The silver IRA custodian will work with a secure storage depository to ensure the safekeeping of your silver investments until you are ready to have them delivered or sold to you.

There are two types of storage solutions.

  • Segregated storage
  • Allocated or non-segregated storage

Segregated Storage

Segregated storage means that the depository will store your precious metal products on a shelf or vault separate from the metals of other customers. You can visit the depository to see your investments whenever you want.

Allocated Storage

Allocated storage means that the depository will store your silver products with the metals of other customers. In other words, your metals and those of other customers will be in a common vault or shelf. You may not be able to see your silver products individually. However, you can show that some of the metals in the pile are yours through the balance on your account.

The depository gives customers account numbers for their IRAs and access to monitor their holdings online digitally. They will see the worth of their silver depending on the movements of the market prices.

In addition, the access allows you to track your investment performance over time. You can sell and buy silver through your silver IRA custodian whenever possible.

best silver ira

How to Open a Silver IRA

A fundamental goal that every investor wants to achieve is to have a guaranteed financial future. Silver, throughout history, has been less volatile than traditional stocks and bonds. In addition, it is a trendy precious metal. The IRS regulations allow investors to add IRA-eligible silver products to their IRAs. In other words, investors can convert their traditional paper asset investments to genuine silver through a silver IRA rollover.

Your silver IRA works much like a traditional IRA. However, this time, you can hold real silver in your IRA. You cannot do that for a traditional or Roth IRA. Silver is a fantastic long-term and short-term investment that can help investors hedge against inflation. Hence, it is ideal for inclusion in a retirement portfolio.

When you buy silver for inclusion in your silver IRA, you must keep it in an IRA-approved storage depository until you reach your retirement age. When you reach your retirement age (59.5 years), you can sell your holdings for cash or have them delivered to you physically.

Many investors buy silver for many reasons, including its increased value when other traditional investments like stocks and bonds are losing value. In addition, silver is a highly sought-after precious metal in most industries, especially the tech manufacturing industries.

The heavy demand for silver does not reduce during an economic downturn. Hence, it is an all-time relevant precious metal. These factors show that silver is an asset all retirement investors should have in their portfolios.

Suppose you have a traditional IRA account and want to invest in silver. In that case, you must open a silver IRA and carry out a rollover process. Below are the steps you need to take to open a silver IRA account and perform a rollover.

Choose a Trusted Silver Dealer

Selecting the best silver dealer to buy your metals from is the first step in opening a silver IRA account. You must choose a company that will sell high-premium quality silver to you. In addition, the products it sells for inclusion into a silver IRA must meet the IRS criteria for silver IRA-eligible products.

According to the IRS, the purity level of silver coins and bars that qualify for inclusion in an IRA is 99.9%. Sometimes, these companies work with trusted silver IRA custodians to open your self-directed IRA account.

Select a Silver IRA Custodian

An IRA custodian is a unique financial institution that sets up self-directed IRAs for investors who want to add alternative assets to their retirement portfolios, like silver. The first step to rolling over your traditional account into a silver IRA is finding a reputable gold IRA custodian who will assist you in creating a silver IRA account. Opening a silver IRA account will require you to submit your details to the precious metals IRA account custodian.

Fund Your Account

After you have opened your new silver IRA, the next thing to do is to fund your account. You can fund it directly or rollover funds from an existing retirement account to the new Silver IRA account. Before you conduct a silver IRA rollover, please find out from your traditional retirement account plan administrator if your account is eligible for an IRA rollover.

Choose Your Preferred Storage

This step is the last in the process of opening a silver IRA. According to the IRS, you must store all silver products within your IRA in a secure third-party depository after buying them from your reputable dealer through your IRA custodian. These depositories are responsible for keeping your investments till you reach retirement age and become eligible for taking distributions.

How To Select The Best Silver IRA Company

Suppose you want to rollover funds from your traditional retirement account into a silver IRA. In that case, you must choose a reputable silver dealer specializing in silver IRA rollovers to simplify the process. Below are the qualities of reputable silver dealers through which you can perform a hassle-free rollover.

  • They must offer a wide selection of high-quality silver IRA-eligible products, including bullion, coins, rounds, and bars.
  • They must offer reasonable prices and low fees compared to other industry dealers.
  • They must provide the best customer service and work with precious metals specialists to walk you through opening silver or gold IRAs.
  • They must have thousands of five-star ratings across various trusted consumer rating sites like BBB, BCA, TrustLink, Trustpilot, Facebook, Consumer Affairs, Google, etc.
  • They must have a track record of assisting customers to complete their IRA rollovers seamlessly.

The key to choosing the best silver IRA company for yourself is selecting the company that suits your investment needs and budget. Researching the companies that may suit your needs can take hours and days because hundreds of silver dealers and silver IRA companies are in the industry.

That is why we have saved you time by providing a list of the best silver IRA dealers in the industry. Go to the beginning of this article to find them. No matter your investment needs and goals, you will find one that will be your sure bet.

We employed our standard gold dealer review methodology while researching and ranking these companies, and we are sure they are the best because they passed all our checks in our methodology. You may click this link to learn more about our review methodology.

best silver ira

Why Invest in Silver IRAs?

Strong Industrial Demand

Many industries like medicine, technology, and renewable energy use silver. As the world's population increases and more companies come up in these industries, there will likely be an increase in the demand for silver. The increased demand will drive the price up despite uncertain economic times. Hence, silver IRA investments will expose your portfolio to potential growth.

Limited Supply

Silver is precious because it has a limited supply. Silver reserves globally are declining, and mining may become difficult in the coming days. Remember that the demand for silver is increasing even with the limited supply.

This imbalance in the supply and demand of silver may cause its price to go up in the long term. When you open a silver IRA and buy silver IRA-eligible metals, you will benefit from the price appreciation of silver.

Inflation Hedge

Historically, the value of precious metals like silver has been stable or even increased during inflation. As the value of the dollar depreciates, the cost of living appreciates. However, the stability of silver causes it to maintain its purchasing power. Hence, opening a silver IRA and buying silver will shield your funds and protect them from inflation.

Portfolio Diversification

When you open a silver IRA, you will diversify your retirement portfolio. Precious metal IRAs will expose your paper assets portfolio to physical silver bullion. Diversification will reduce the risk of having potential market conditions like stock market crashes, volatility, and inflation affect your portfolio.

A properly diversified retirement asset portfolio should contain paper assets, precious metals, and other alternative investments that are not volatile when there is an economic problem.

Tax Advantages

Like assets in a traditional IRA, your silver bullion coins and bars will grow within your silver IRA account tax deferred. You can opt for a traditional silver IRA account that allows you to enjoy pre-tax benefits or a Roth silver IRA account that will enable you to enjoy post-tax benefits.

Which accounts can be rolled over to a Silver IRA?

Suppose you have an existing IRA and want to roll over your funds to your new silver IRA. In that case, you must know if your account is eligible for a silver IRA rollover. In this section, we want to examine the accounts that qualify for a silver IRA rollover.

Traditional or Roth IRAs

If your existing retirement account is a traditional or Roth IRA, you can rollover funds from it to your silver IRA account seamlessly through the right dealer. The process is straightforward if you open your silver IRA account through a reputable custodian.

All you need to do is inform your current Traditional or Roth IRA administrator that you want to roll over your, then fill out the necessary paperwork as required by your plan administrator to move your traditional IRA or Roth IRA funds to your new Silver IRA account. You will not incur any tax penalties when rolling over assets from your existing IRA to your gold or silver IRA account.


You can rollover funds from your 401k retirement account to your new silver IRA account via a direct or indirect rollover. An indirect rollover involves your 401k plan administrator signing a check containing the amount you want to roll over so you can deposit the money in your silver IRA within 60 days. This rollover process is complex; you can incur tax penalties if you do not carry out the rollover properly.

For direct rollover, you must inform your plan administrator about your intention to transfer money from your 401k to your new silver IRA. Your 401k plan administrator will send the money to your custodian for deposition into your silver IRA account. This process is usually straightforward, and you will not incur any tax penalty if you go through a reputable company.

Annuities and Other Retirement Plans

You can roll over your funds in annuities and other retirement accounts like SEP and SIMPLE IRAs into a silver IRA. However, the rules for rolling over these plans and their tax consequences can be complex.

Hence, we recommend checking with your plan administrator and getting the services of a potential tax advisor to ensure you do the process correctly. You can also decide to consolidate the funds in various IRAs into one silver IRA if you have more than one. This option is ideal because all your funds will be protected from uncertain economic times.

You will enjoy more flexibility when you rollover your funds into a silver IRA. In addition, you will have more control over your retirement assets. However, ensure you do your due diligence and follow the rules to avoid tax penalties. Immediately after you roll over your funds to your silver IRA, you will start enjoying the benefits of this precious metals IRA.

Gold vs. Silver - Which is The Better Investment?

Investors are always looking for the best ways to diversify their portfolios. With precious metals, portfolio diversification can be through buying gold, silver, or both. The truth is that the two precious metals are effective diversification assets, but knowing how they differ will help you make the best choices.

  • Gold has a more stable price movement than silver over a long period.
  • Investing in a silver IRA is perfect if you have a higher risk tolerance because it offers greater ROIs than gold.
  • If you buy gold and silver worth the same amount, you will have more silver quantity than gold. Hence, the storage fees for gold will be cheaper than silver because your silver will weigh more and require more storage space.

We recommend investing in both precious metals for a diversified portfolio because of their outstanding features. Enjoying the benefits of these two metals in your portfolio can be an excellent idea. In addition, ensure you consider your risk tolerance levels, investment budget, and expected returns before deciding to invest in any of them.


Owning a silver or other precious metals IRA account will ensure financial security and stability. Unlike other paper assets in traditional retirement accounts, silver tries to maintain its value no matter the volatility level of the stock market and in times of economic uncertainties.

Furthermore, owing a silver IRA will help you gain from the long-term increase in the price of silver while also enjoying the tax benefits of an IRA. Silver and gold IRAs will protect you from inflation and dollar devaluation.

One strategic way to diversify your retirement portfolio is to roll over an existing retirement plan into a silver IRA that allows you to purchase silver bullion, coins, and bars. You will not encounter any hassle or stress when you perform the process through a reputable precious metals dealer.

In addition, you will strengthen your egg nest with the security and stability of owning physical silver.

Suppose you have researched and are considering rolling over your retirement account savings into a silver IRA. In that case, you can contact any of our top five silver IRA rollover companies to walk you through the process so you will not incur tax penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Silver IRA Companies

Which Companies Are the Best for Performing a Silver IRA Rollover

At Bearlakegold, we review silver and gold IRA companies and provide our clients with the most suitable and ethical ones to do business with. Many companies claim to be legit in the industry, but there are also scam companies. Investors must be careful to invest through the right companies for the safety of their funds. To maximize your investments, you must invest in a silver IRA through a reputable company.

After extensive and rigorous research and evaluating companies using our gold dealer review methodology, we found these five companies to be the best silver IRA providers in the U.S. precious metals industry.

1. Augusta Precious Metals
2. Goldco
3. American Hartford Gold
4. Birch Gold Group
5. Noble Gold Investments

You can click the link on any silver IRA provider above to request their detailed investment guides and learn more about them.

Is it Safe to Invest in Silver?

Yes! Silver IRA accounts are a safe investment option as it allows you to diversify your retirement savings and shield your funds from inflation and volatility. In addition, having silver in your silver IRA ensures that your portfolio is well-rounded and balanced.

Is Silver a better investment than Gold?
At the time of writing this review, August 2024 it is the opinion of bearlakegold.com that silver could have more upside than gold. We hold this opinion as silver historically performed better than gold when coming out of recessionary periods.

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