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Petra Picks Review - 2022

Bear Lake Gold's Petra Picks review summary aims to give our professional standpoint on this firm and its offerings. As a vital aspect of this Petra Picks review, we will give you current information about the company's leadership team members, pricing, and its products and services.

As part of our review process, we reach out to some of the past clients who transacted with the companies we are reviewing, their current clients, and their staff.

Introduction to Petra Picks

Petra Pick is a Raging Bull Investment stock-picking program. It is a trading program that aims at teaching interested investors how they can successfully trade stocks in one month. The program gives its students step-by-step training using various tools and methods.

You must note that even though Petra Picks will train you, you must open a broker account because they will not trade for you. You will do the trading yourself, implementing the strategies that you have learned. In addition, Petra Picks will not allow you to use any automated algorithm to trade after your training.

Petra Picks, through its training system, will teach you how to launch your trades via a trading platform.

Petra Picks Management Team

Petra Hess

Petra Hess is the founder of Petra Picks. Petra Hess is also the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Hess is a professional and experienced stock trader. She was doing business in many other sectors before starting Petra Picks. Some sectors she did business in before establishing Petra Picks were the telecommunication, livestock, and cosmetic sector.

Petra Hess began investing after raising one million dollars through her multiple business ventures at age 25. A million dollars was a good place to begin stock trading with. When Petra Hess started trading, she invested all her earnings through a broker to trade on her behalf. After one year, her portfolio went down by over 50%. At this time, Petra Hess decided to learn stock trading to manage her portfolio personally to get back the money she lost and prevent more losses.

The owner of Raging Bull Investments, Jason Bull, mentored her. After learning through this expert stock trader, she learned the working modalities of the market and how to trade stocks successfully. Hess became experienced in trading ETF (Exchange Traded Funds). She also mastered the art of trading stocks in the Canadian and United States markets.

Hess conducted much research, forming the foundation for her experience and knowledge in the industry. She has also trained people in stock trading, and these people she has trained have given positive reviews about her training.

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Petra Picks Products and Services

Petra Picks is for beginners and those who want to see successful results in their efforts. However, it is best suited for those with at least a beginner's knowledge of stock trading. So far, it has some credible success stories on financial websites like Market Watch and Yahoo Finance.

Petra Hess has an outstanding ability to give detailed analyses of the stock market. Petra Hess's ability to analyze these key aspects contributes hugely to her high levels of trading success in the industry. Petra Hess also has some financial risk management guidelines that she uses to govern risks. In this way, she makes more money while cutting down on losses.

Here are some of its services if you are interested in getting into the Petra Picks program.

  • Gold Program
  • Platinum Program
  • Power Trading Programs

Gold Program

The Petra Picks gold program costs $1,596 annually. The fee is for enrollment and membership. When you enroll in this program, you can access a daily stock watch list. The stock watch lists will expose you to the active stocks in the market. In addition, you will get online and video training. You can also get alerts via text messages and emails about stock selling and buying.


Petra’s Platinum program will cost you $3,999 yearly. Enrolling in this program gives you access to online video format watchlists, text messages, and email alerts informing you of stock buying and selling. Moreover, you will get live coaching via Petra’s periodic webinars.

Power Trading Programs

For the Power Trading Programs, you will pay a monthly fee of $1,999, and the training will take place in four weeks. The topics that the power trading programs will cover include;

  • The trader's mindset.
  • The foundations of Technical Analysis.
  • Managing Risks
  • Combining the three parts.

If you want to learn how to trade securities, the trading program is the one we recommend. It will teach you the needed trading skills for making good profits on your trades.

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Petra Picks Costs and Fees

Petra Picks is an excellent stock trading training firm. It has many positive testimonies from past students, and some of its competitors in the industry speak well of it. The numerous good testimonies about it contribute to its high fees.

If you want to enroll in its programs, you will pay Petra’s full tuition fees upfront. It has no arrangement for monthly or partial payments. After that, you will get Hess’ guidance and coaching on stock trading.

She will also expose you to the trading tools she uses to trade stocks on the Canadian and United States markets. Finally, you will pay Petra Picks directly using your credit card.

Petra Picks Training Fundamentals

The company trains its students using some fundamental methods.

  • Grow As a Trader
  • Grow Your Income
  • Grow Your Wealth

Grow As a Trader

Here, Petra teaches you the basic trading skills of a trader. You will also learn how to honor your trade instincts and sharpen your understanding of trading to grow your net worth.

Grow Your Income

The growing income fundamentals will generally equip you with insights on trading tools. In addition, you will get guidance on effective trading for short and long periods.

Grow Your Wealth

At this point, you will learn how to grow your net worth speedily using your investments. You will also learn about risk management to enable you to get more ROI (Return on Investments) while reducing your trading losses.

After Paying Petra Picks’ Training, What Next?

We went further to ask the customer care agent we talked with about what a new member should expect after payment. His reply was, “when you pay via your credit card, you will get details to enable you to log in and access the company’s membership website. In addition, you will get four DVD videos containing four major topics and the dubbed six-step training program; Six Steps to Maximizing Your Trading Profits and Managing Risk.”

“You will also access charts, indicators, and trading tools, and these are products of comprehensive research and tests.” He added.

He also told us that “once you get the login details, you can access the program on the membership website at your convenience and at any time of the day throughout your membership period.”

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Petra Picks Refund and Cancellation Policy

Petra Picks will not refund your money partially or fully after you have made payments. There is a no refund and cancellation policy in place at Petra pIcks.

No matter the package you buy, payment is final. If you buy a program, even if you cancel, it will not refund you. However, you have to pay first before gaining access to the program. We consider this to be a little bit of a risk, but it is understandable as soon as you have access to the content, you could copy it and then ask for a refund, hence the no refund policy.

When you pay and Petra Picks confirms the payment, you will start getting its newsletters containing curated stock analysis, the latest news, market leads, and trading statistics.

Petra Picks starts giving you information immediately, and you will not get any refunds even if you choose the wrong program. Petra Picks has an automatic billing system that automatically renews the membership based on the package you bought.

When we talked to one of the customer care team members about Petra Picks' cancellation policy, she told us that “If members choose to cancel their renewal plan, they must reach out to the company’s customer service first, and it must not be later than two business days before the date of the next renewal.”

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How Do Customer Review Sites Rate Petra Picks?

BB Review and Customer Testimonials

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Trustpilot Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

The rating was based on 350 reviews.

Company Name Pros And Cons

Great quality training for all levels of experience in stock trading
Covers stock trading principle, technical anlalysis and in-depth cover of US and Canadian stock markets
Over eight years of experience in stock trading and stock trader training
Petra Hess is a very experienced trader in her own right and has learned from her own losses and gains
Petra Picks is very clear about its product pricing, there are no hidden fees
There are no free trials
Your subscription will automatically be rolled forward each year unless you have cancelled the renewal in advance of its renewal date.
They do not offer refunds in any circumstances
Petra picks covers paper asset trading and does not consider the need to have a more diversified portfolio to hedge against inflation

Petra Picks Conclusion

Bear Lake Gold will give its final verdict on the stock training firm to finalize this Petra Picks review. From our rigorous investigations, the details in this Petra Picks review show that it is legit and does not scam unsuspecting investors.

Although we consider Petra Picks training pricey, based on our research and reviewing the training course in depth, we would recommend it.

By purchasing this training course, you will quickly learn how to trade stocks and generally analyse the stock market for maximum profit when investing.

If you are considering investing in stocks or equities, purchasing the Petra Picks course will fast-track your learning experience and help ensure that your trades are more likely to be profitable rather than lose-making. Petra’s vast knowledge of all things related to stock trading and the stock market will make your journey to being a successful stock trader much quicker and smoother; you are also less likely to give up as you are less likely to lose money following her tutorials.

The one criticism we have of this course is that it does not examine having a more diversified portfolio and concentrates entirely on the trading of paper assets.

Historically, investing in paper assets has been one of the most common ways to build wealth. However, that narrative is changing because we have seen very high levels of volatility in paper-based markets. In addition, this system has been dramatically affected by inflation rates and recession, causing a lot of investors to seek alternative vehicles.

We would always recommend any investment portfolio be a diverse investment portfolio. By this, we mean that you do not only hold stocks and equities, but you also hold other physical assets like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in your portfolio. By doing this, you will have a more balanced portfolio and lower the risk of losing large sums of money if one asset type should crash, for example, a crash in the stock market.

Precious metals investments can shield your savings from the huge effects of inflation and market volatility in a very tax-efficient manner. When you need your money, you can always sell the precious metal products in your gold IRA and get more money than when you invested.

If you are a stock market trader  or begining your journey to become a trader, we urge you to  consider investing some of your money in precious metals. Gold, silver platinum and palladium will help reduce your risk and act as a hedge against the devastating effects of inflation on your paper based assets.

To help you do this, Bear Lake Gold has successfully evaluated many gold dealers, brokers, and IRA (Individual Retirement Account) specialists.

Every year, we rank the top players in the gold and silver IRA industry. You can find our complete reviews here Gold Dealer Evaluations. However, to summarize, the next section contains the details of our top three recommended expert precious metals companies.

Our Recommended Gold Companies To Accompany Your Petra Picks Training Course

Our #1 Precious Metals & Gold IRA Company - Best Overall

Augusta Precious Metals is our best rated overall precious metals company

  • Customer care is exceptional
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • The best FREE investment guide in the industry
  • Zero complaints on BBB & BCA
  • Free shipping on all orders

Our #2 Recommendation - Best For Promotions

Goldco best ira company review

Read full Goldco Pros and Cons Review

Goldco is our second top rated gold and precious metal company. Having been top rated all of last year they were very close top Augusta Precious metals

  • Great promotional offers
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • FREE investment guide in the industry
  • High buyback prices
  • Expert guidance provided by the team
  • First years fees waivered for new customers

Our #3 Gold & Silver Company -Great Prices and Great Customer Service

American Hartford Gold is our third top rated company.

  • A leading, recognized and trusted brand in the industry
  • A family owned and run business
  • Excellent customer service
  • Buy back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Promotional offers for new  customers
  • Transparent about cost
  • Diligent when it comes to compliance


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