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Jason Bond Review

Bear Lake Gold has created this Jason Bond Picks review page because we want to answer the most important questions that investors ask about this company.

We assure you that unlike the other Jason Bond Reviews on the internet, this review document will answer most of the questions that serious-minded investors ask. In addition, you will also get other necessary information about the company that will guide you in deciding whether you should do business with the company or not.

As an independent review organization, Bear Lake Gold aims to provide our readers with well-grounded, accurate, and impartial details about the companies we evaluate. As a major part of our aim, we want you to compare these companies on a like-for-like basis, using the information we provide.

We employ our standard gold dealer review methodology while conducting our review processes. As a critical aspect of all our review processes, we reach out to important people in the organizations we review, including the owners, other people at the helm of their affairs, staff members, and clients of these organizations.

When we reach out to these people, we ask them investigative questions about these companies, and the responses we get becomes the basis on which we form our impartial opinions about them. In addition, the details help us know how moral, ethical, and suitable it is to do business with these companies.

Therefore, the details we will give you in this review document will reveal major aspects of the company, like its management team, pros and cons, products and services, and rating on third-party customer rating sites.

We will also use the details in this Jason Bond Picks review to answer these three fundamental questions.

  • Is Jason Bond a scam or a legit company?
  • Should we do business with the company?
  • Which companies would we recommend as the best precious metals & gold IRA investment companies?

Summary for Those Who Want a Quick Abridged Answer

After investigating the organization through the important individuals associated with the company, we were able to make the following conclusions about the company.

  • They are a legit company that does not scam unsuspecting investors.
  • They are not a gold IRA company and does not sell precious metals.

Please read this Jason Bond Picks review document till the end to find out why we have made these conclusions about this company.

Nevertheless, there is still one question above that we have not answered, “Which companies would we recommend as the best gold IRA investment companies to do business with?”

As part of our central aim, we will give you, our readers, the necessary information that you will need to make informed decisions and also recommendations based on rigorous research. Hence, we have carefully selected the gold and silver companies that we rate the best in the gold IRA industry. When we evaluated these companies, the details we found about them made us rate them as the top three gold IRA companies in the industry. These companies are Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold.

We have put the important details we found about these companies in three separate review guides. Please click the relevant buttons below to download their free, easy-to-read, and straightforward guides. You just need to enter your details, and the guides will be yours in no time. We promise that the guides will be worth your reading time.

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#3 Recommendation Best  Gold IRA Based On Price

Jason Bond Review

Jason Bond

Introduction to Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks is a swing trading service that interested customers subscribe for. The service entails buying and selling stocks using Bond’s strategy.

Jason trades on the long side only. There is no short selling, large caps, day trading, or options trading in Bond’s strategy. The company only focuses on penny stock and small-cap swing trade strategies.

The service is under the Raging Bull LLC umbrella. Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop manage the company together.

In 2019, Raging Bull was ranked #915 in the list of the fastest-growing 5000 companies in the USA. When we spoke to one of the company’s representatives, he told us that the Jason Bond Pick is a strategy that Jason structured to help people make profits easily in the stock market through buying and selling stocks that Bond identifies as overvalued and undervalued.

The Jason Bond Picks service helps users to generate income using a small-cap swing trade. Jason and Jeff, traders with years of experience in the market, were the initiators of this stock-picking service.

They are professional traders who teach people how to navigate the market successfully. Over 10,000 people have joined the Jason Bond Picks service since its inception.

Bond is known in the industry for helping traders make money quickly and without spending much. When we spoke to one of the users of the service, he told us that Jason would not only teach you how you can succeed as a stock trader, but he would also show you various pitfalls you should avoid in trading and the stock market generally.

Jason Bond Management Team

The founder of Jason Bond Picks service is Jason Bond. He was a school teacher that became a college dropout. He had a net worth of -250,000 dollars and lived off multiple paychecks. Bond began looking to increase his income after he got tired of being broke and was under severe debt pressure.

He then started learning how to trade stocks and decided to pay attention to Jeff Bishop, a well-respected trader. Jeff eventually helped him as an apprentice.

While still under Jeff’s tutelage, Bond assured Jeff that he would show other people how to trade stocks successfully if he (Jeff) taught him (Jason) everything about how to trade stocks.

Bond quit his job as a teacher in 2011, and since then, he has made millions of dollars from buying and selling penny stocks. Today, he is helping thousands of traders make money by giving them stock picks via the company's website. Sometimes, he gives stock picks by trading personally. After six years of quitting his teaching job to trade, Jason's net worth was five million dollars.

Jason Bond Costs and Fees

Day and Swing Trading

The Day and Swing Trading package is a popular package that helps traders make profits without having to sit all day in front of their computers. Hence, the package is perfect for people who have busy days and jobs. It allows traders to trade weekly and increase their net worth. The price of this package is $399, and users have to re-subscribe every three months. It is important to note that the Day and Swing trading package has few features.

The services that you will enjoy by subscribing to this package are:

  • Ten swing alerts weekly on stocks below $10.
  • Swing Trade watch list every day with real-time entries and exits via text.
  • A 5 to 20% trading profits, depending on your intentions.
  • Email and text alerts to keep you informed.

According to a company representative, this package might be the best for you if you want to trade and make yearly profits below $100,000. He also told us that users who subscribe to this package could decide to scale up their businesses later.

Long-Term Trading

This package is the best for professional traders who only have a little time during the day to spare but want to make a lot of money by trading. The Long Term Trading package costs $1,999 annually and has better features than other packages.

For instance, some of the features that come with this package are:

  • Up to seven open long-term picks weekly.
  • Email alerts and text messages.
  • Seeing several stocks chosen by Jason.
  • Detailed charts by Bond.
  • More than 100% risk-free returns within a few months.
  • Predictions on penny stocks.

Millionaire Roadmap

The Millionaire Roadmap package is Jason's premium mentorship program worth $8,000 yearly. When we asked a representative what the special benefit of this program is, he said, "the program teaches you how to swing trade like Bond."

Traders who subscribe to this program will get access to all Jason Bond Picks' features. In addition, people who subscribe to this package will get mentorship and input from Bond himself, meet everyone in his mentorship team, including Alan Marshall and Jeff Bishop, and have access to Petra Hess of Petra Picks directly.

By getting access to all these features, the Millionaire Roadmap subscribers will learn different trading strategies and have an opportunity to see Jason's e-trade and TD Ameritrade brokerage accounts.

What are Jason Bond's Products and Services?

Jason Bond Picks Webinar

This webinar aims to make you excited about the Jason Bonds Picks. One of the subscribers on the platform told us that Bond has a lot of energy, so it may look like he is always yelling at you. He said, "it was up to me to decide when the yelling was good and bad for me."

The webinar shows interested potential subscribers what they should expect from the Jason Bond Picks’ trading course. In addition, you will learn about the three strategies that Jason uses, and it will show you many people who have made money from buying Jason’s trading course.

The webinar always ends with a breakdown of the price of the Jason Trading course. The course has free features like:

  • Day Trades Playbook
  • Video Library
  • Strategy Course

However, the cost of the course is $297. Users who buy the course will have to pay $297 once every four months to keep having access to it.

Daily Watch List

The company sends a daily watch list to its subscribers and gives them an overview of the trades that Bond focuses on and his most likely trading strategies. The watch list also contains comments from Jason and his other traders about what he may be thinking about the trades.

The company sends its subscribers morning email telling them what the financial market will look like that day and what Jason thinks they should do. Traders can use this daily information to trade daily.

Trade Alert Service

Every week, Bond sends his subscribers ten swing trades. He sends them through his watch list. According to one of the customers, the alerts come in the night before or sometimes early in the morning.

Live Portfolio Access

Subscribers can access Jason and Jeff's trade accounts live. However, you must be a Millionaire Roadmap subscriber to access their live accounts.

Jason Bond’s Training DVDs

The company has a DVD collection that costs $4,996. It freely gives the collection to those that watch Bond's webinar. The collection comprises four DVDs.

The first three DVDs contain lectures on the following topics:

  • How to sell naked options.
  • The basics of swing trading.
  • Trading like a professional.

The last DVD is about Stock Options by Jeff Bishop.

Swing Trading Chat Room

The company has a chatroom for making good trading decisions. The room allows subscribers to avoid bad trading decisions and learn new things about trading. You can learn from the experiences of other traders and make more profits faster.

The chat room is a place to make good trading decisions and prevent bad decisions. Chat rooms are an excellent way to learn about trading. Other traders share their experiences with you so you can learn and make money quickly.

One of the company's subscribers told us that the chat room has been of immense help to him because he talks to other investors, and they answer his queries. He said, "Jason Bond’s chat room has made learning how to trade easy for me."

Trading Education Suite

The company has a collection of educational materials containing more than 65 detailed video lessons. You can always access these videos at any time of the day. Hence, you can learn quickly and return to them when you want. When we spoke to one of the company’s customer representatives, she told us that Bond advises subscribers to go through these videos before they begin their trading journey. These training videos cover various topics like:

  • How To Trade Like A Pro
  • Penny Stock 101
  • Pay Yourself
  • Swing Trade Scanning Made Simple

Mastermind Meetups

The Mastermind Meetup is one of the benefits only accessible to the Millionaire Roadmap subscribers. This meetup is a special event to help traders build rapport among themselves and hasten their progress.

The Mastermind Meetup allows the Millionaire Roadmap traders to meet face-to-face with Jason Bond and other successful students he has trained.

How to Make the Most out of Jason Bond Stock Picks?

We asked one of the customer representatives how a subscriber can make the most out of subscribing to one of the company's packages, and he mentioned a few things to us. One of the most important things is the approaches to use if you want to get the best from your subscription package. Below are the things we gleaned from the conversation with the representative.

Traders Should Take a Self-Learner Approach

The representative told us that Jason aims to show his students how to pick trades themselves. Hence, part of the content of his training tutorial is how Jason employs chart patterns, scanning, and so on.

The rep further told us that Jason usually advises his students to keep their trading accounts offline until they have made money on paper. Then each student should watch all the videos and read Jason's blog posts. He said, "You should only start making money from trading when you truly understand what a trade is and how it can make more money for you than your monthly subscription."

Jason aims to teach you how to pick those trades for yourself. His videos show him scanning and using technical analysis and chart patterns to analyze trades.

The Mirror/Piggyback Trader Approach

While telling us about this approach, the rep said, "You might not make the most out of stock trading if you are doing it the traditional way. However, you will get better at trading if you approach the art differently."

"Your biggest enemy as a trader is the fear of missing out on what people term popular investments." He added, "You have to prepare to trade well."

According to him, when as a trader, you find out that people have established a new position, and then you search for the symbol of the stock, getting a good trading price will be difficult. Hence, the company has prepared everything for you to have a better chance of making profits by trading Bond’s picks.

Great Additional Opportunities

The firm works with a competent team of marketers that can assist you. In addition, you will get many emails after buying your package for the first time. We also spoke to someone who has submitted his email and phone number to the company via an advertisement for other services. According to him, he gets many messages from Bond's marketing team regularly.

One of the representatives we spoke with also told us that even as one of the industry's best trading course providers, the company does not just sit around waiting for subscribers or businesses to come to it automatically.

Bond himself is a very self-confident trader in the market and sells his other products to his subscribers by sending them regular emails. According to the agent, the company primarily does the same thing other major firms like Amazon and eBay will do to sell products to their customers.

The rep further told us that the marketing pitches that Jason's marketing team sends are not pushy. Hence, customers who want to focus on their plan can resist. He also said, "Once you buy any of the company's packages, you can turn off the email notification on your Raging Bull application dashboard so that you will not get enticed by other offers."

Who is Jason Bond Picks Good For?

If you are interested in trading small caps and penny stocks, then this service is for you. They are very volatile, so your chances of making more money are as high as your chances of losing your money. The stocks in these categories are usually priced between one to five dollars.

The service may also be a perfect option if you are new to trading in the market and need someone to advise or guide you on trading. From what we learned, Jason believes that his approach to trading is best for swing trades rather than the day trading patterns that come with complex strategies. Hence, Bond does not always day trade.

One of the customer representatives told us that even people whose account balance is just $2,000 could utilize Jason's swing trading methods. The rep told us that the amount of money you have does not matter because your target will determine the trade size you need.

In addition, the rep told us that beginners in the market should take their time to go through all of the modules in the company's trading course and other materials at their disposal. He said, “you must have the ambition and the patience to begin trading using a paper trading simulator.”

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How Do Customer Review Sites Rate Jason Bond Picks?

BB Review and Customer Testimonials

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Business Consumer Alllience Review

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Google review

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Facebook Reviews

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Trustpilot Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

The rating was from 1,036 reviews

Jason Bond Promotions

All the agents we asked about promotions told us that the company is currently not offering any promotions to its new subscribers. If you are looking for an alternative investment opportunity that will give you amazing promotions when you invest your money, we suggest you open a gold IRA through Goldco. When you invest in precious metals through Goldco, you will get free silver worth $10,000.

free $10,000 in silver

Jason Bond Picks Pros And Cons

The company's owner is a trader who has proven his expertise in the stock market over time
Jason's service teaches people money management while trading
They give customers many trade ideas daily
They provide trading videos for their students to learn from
The company's chat room has an effective stock screener for day trading
They provide a big well-organized, strict chatroom for students and traders
They have more than one trading package allowing people to scale up their businesses
The company's chat room has an effective stock screener for day trading
Jason’s winning alerts can give you large profit percentages very fast
Jason’s subscribers get trade alerts in real-time
If you are looking for a gold IRA this is not the services for you
The company is not a BBB-accredited business
Jason Bond Picks packages are expensive for some new traders
Their refund policy is very strict
They do not give any trial period for new customers to test their services
The company does not have enough reviews on third-party customer rating sites
No money back guarantee

Jason Bond Conclusion

After conducting our research and critically evaluating the information we collected from various people about the company, we concluded that it is not a scam company. We discovered that Jason Bond Picks is a stock trading educational company that stands tall among others in the industry. One of the most amazing features of Jason Bond Picks is that Jason’s subscribers get to see his portfolio.

Jason does not just reveal the amount of money he is making; he also shows his subscribers how he is making money. Jason is known for making a lot of money from the market, and his stock selections are based on deep analysis of high-volume trades and charts.

Jason Bond Picks is one of the best selection services in the industry, and most people who have subscribed to their packages confess that they learned a lot about stock picking and trading that they could not find online. However, some people who have succeeded in trading using the knowledge from the program told us that the whole process requires maximum commitment and dedication.

One of Jason’s successful traders outrightly told us, “I never saw the amount of work I needed to put in until I decided to do everything it takes to master the modules. I can say that there is no easy way to make money fast online, not even by trading. I had to keep watching the videos to master them and constantly visit the chat room. I did these for a couple of months before I started mastering the art of trading.”

The company is an amazing program for traders who want to navigate the market like professionals and pick the best stocks. However, stock trading is not one of the investments we will suggest to anyone who wants to protect their money from losses.

The market is subject to economic downturns and crashes globally. For instance, the 2008 financial meltdown that crashed the global economy affected the market so badly that many stock investors went bankrupt. However, some other investment vehicles, like the precious metals market, stood stronger through the crash.

In addition, the stock market is very volatile and is not one of those investment vehicles we recommend for people who want to hedge their funds from the effects of inflation and economic downturns. On the other hand, the gold and silver market has proven to be one of the safest investment vehicles over the years.

Hence, we always advise our readers to diversify their portfolios by investing in precious metals, even if they intend holding the bag in the stock investment industry. It is always beautiful to have another investment vehicle to fall back on when one fails.

If you have decided to diversify your portfolio by investing in gold and silver, we recommend that you invest through any of our top three gold IRA providers. These companies are Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold.

They have transparent pricing, and many people say positive things about them on third-party rating sites like TrustPilot, BCA, and BBB.

To access the detailed investment reports from any of our three top recommended gold and gold IRA companies for free, please click the relevant buttons in the 'Top Three Jason Bond Alternatives' section below to request them.

Our Recommended Alternatives To Company Name

Our #1 Precious Metals & Gold IRA Company - Best Overall

augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is our best rated overall precious metals company

  • Customer care is exceptional
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • The best FREE investment guide in the industry
  • Zero complaints on BBB & BCA
  • Free shipping on all orders

Our #2 Recommendation - Best For Promotions

Goldco best ira company review

Goldco is our second top rated gold and precious metal company. Having been top rated all of last year they were very close top Augusta Precious metals

  • Great promotional offers
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • FREE investment guide in the industry
  • High buyback prices
  • Expert guidance provided by the team
  • First years fees waivered for new customers

Our #3 Gold & Silver Company -Great Prices and Great Customer Service

Hartford American

American Hartford Gold is our third top rated company.

  • A leading, recognized and trusted brand in the industry
  • A family owned and run business
  • Excellent customer service
  • Buy back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Promotional offers for new  customers
  • Transparent about cost
  • Diligent when it comes to compliance


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