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Cornerstone Asset Metals Review

This Cornerstone Asset Metals review aims to provide our expert views on this company and its offerings in the precious metal and gold IRA investment sector. As a critical part of this review, we will provide details like an overview of the company, its pros and cons, costs, and fees, who buys from it, what makes it unique, and its aims.

We employed our standard Gold dealer review methodology in carrying out this review. As an essential part of our review procedure, we interacted with some of the people who have done business in the past with Cornerstone Metals and some of the company’s management team.

Based on our standards for rating gold dealers, Cornerstone Metals is not a company we have listed in our top thirty gold dealers or gold IRA providers.

If you would like to understand why we did not rate Cornerstone as one of our top thirty providers, read the rest of this review; if, however, you would like to take our recommendation and deal with one of our top three recommended suppliers, please click the relevant button(s) below. After entering your details, they will send you their complete guide to buying and selling precious metals both within a Gold IRA and outside a Precious Metal IRA.

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cornerstone asset metals review

Corner Stone Asset Metals

Introduction to Cornerstone Asset Metals

Cornerstone Asset Metals is a precious metals company founded by in the United States. Accredited asset management specialists manage the company. Since 2009, it has built its reputation in the industry as a private bullion, precious metals, and gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) dealer. In addition, it offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium precious metals approved by the IRS. The company's gold and silver products come from a refinery that has LBMA ( approval.

Cornerstone Metals is not a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business. Currently, the company's headquarters are in Florida, United States, and its Chief Executive Strategist is .

The company tailors its working modalities to suit the interest of its clients. It makes sure that it gives its clients advice on the best time and place for making investments. Cornerstone Metals offers the finest gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars in the industry. However, the company does not display its available coins and bars in these categories on its website. Additionally, it offers gold IRA services to its customers and stores customers' precious metals in secure storage facilities.


Cornerstone Asset Metals Promotions and Offers

When writing this review, Cornerstone does not have any promotions or special offers available. We regularly scour the market and look for special offers for people seeking to open a gold or precious metals IRA. Currently, we have found one of our top three recommended gold companies, Goldco is offer up to $10,000 in free silver to qualifying people looking to open or transfer money into a Gold IRA; click the banner below if you want to find out more details.

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Services/Products Cornerstone Metals Offers

Self-Directed IRAs

A self-directed IRA is one of the services that the company offers. It can help you set up a new precious metals regular IRA or 401k plan to your gold IRA.

If you are new to precious metals IRA investments, Cornerstone Metals can help you set up your account based on your investment needs. Alternatively, they can help you purchase gold, silver, platinum, or palladium and add them to your gold IRA if you have one already. If you have any questions about how the process works, their experts will help you with each step.

Gold and Silver Bullion

Through Cornerstone Metals, you can add eligible silver or gold bullion to your gold IRA. In addition, they sell physical precious metals, and they can deliver to your home or other secure location if you opt for that option after purchasing.

However, on the website, you will not see the coins and bars available for purchase. The only way you can know the available products is by contacting the company through the phone numbers on their website.

If you go to their website, you will see just one exclusive silver metal. It is the Cornerstone Crown and it symbolizes United States religious freedom.

Precious Metals Storage

According to the United States IRS regulations, you must store the precious metals in your gold IRA with a secure depository. The depository, however, must be approved by the IRS. Cornerstone Asset can help you arrange for that. It partners with Delaware Secure Depository, Idaho Armored Vaults, and Dakota Depository for its storage solutions.

On the other hand, if you buy gold or silver to add to your physical collection, you can choose to store them in a secure facility through Cornerstone or have them mailed to your location of choice directly.

What Is the Goal of Cornerstone Asset Metals?

When we spoke to one of the company's specialist team members, he told us that the goal of Cornerstone Asset Metals is to "create a class of investors that are more conscious of sustainable investing." The company wants to help its customers attain financial freedom by getting constant good ROI (return on Investment) from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investment. Ultimately, they want to help United States employees retire early and live out their dreams.

Who Uses Cornerstone Asset Metals?

The company patterns its membership model to be a retirement plan alternative. It targets young customers with less than $1,000,000 worth of investment assets. It aims at serving millennials who want to invest in an opportunity that sustains their retirement plans.

What Makes Cornerstone Asset Metals Unique?

The company provides personalized services to its customers in a way other companies do not. It uses a team of expert advisors to give personal advice to its customers for free.

Another feature that sets Cornerstone Metals apart is the portfolio diversification it gives customers. Investors can add up to twelve kinds of precious metals in their IRAs under the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium categories.


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Company Name Promotions

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Company Name Pros And Cons

Cornerstone Asset Metals provide both precious metal IRAs and bullion products
A team of experts manage all communication with prospective buyers 
They have partnerships with secure depositories in the USA
The company's focus is on precious metals as an investment vehicle rather than just selling precious metals.
The complete lack of verified reviews and testimonials means no one can tell how good customer service provision is or how high the quality of their expert advice is.
This is not a BBB or NCA accredited company.
The company does not display a product catalog on its website, which means you have to contact them even to find out what products are available.
There is no price information available on their website.

Our Recommended Alternatives To Cornerstone Asset Metals

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Goldco is a gold IRA company known for its many positive features.

Investors who choose to invest through Goldco enjoy affordable prices, quality precious metals, rich educational resources, expert investment advice, and quality customer support

Augusta Precious Metals is another gold IRA company that has been in the industry for a long time. Customers who have invested with this company testify of its unique features. These features separate them from the rest in the precious metals industry.

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Conclusion of Cornerstone Asset Metals Review

To wrap up this Cornerstone Assets Metals review we believe this company is a legitimate company and we do not believe them to be a scam operator.

We have not rated them in our top thirty precious metal or gold IRA dealers for a few reasons.

  1. They have been in the industry for too long to have almost no reviews.
  2. Better Business Bureau does not accredit them.
  3. We found their experts to be lacking in some of the key knowledge areas we would expect from a trusted expert advisor.
  4. Our experience of their customer services was less than favorable.

We cannot vouch for this company, so we will not advise that you invest through them for your retirement. However, our top three recommended Gold IRA companies have passed all our checks and balances, which is why we are happy to suggest you check these companies out to see which is the best fit for your investment needs.

If you would like to get up to $10,000 in free silver when opening a precious metal IRA, we suggest you check Goldco and its current promotional offer.

On the other hand, if you like a super supportive gold IRA dealer that will walk you through every step of the process of selecting the correct precious metals for your goals then check out Augusta Precious Metals.

Our final recommendation is the super ethical family-owned Hartford American Gold Group a very well established and highly regarded Gold IRA dealer.

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