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Our Colorado Gold review aims to give Bear Lake Gold's professional opinion on this precious metal company and its offerings in the precious metal’s investment space. This review will also provide details about the company's range of precious metals, its IRA offering. Its storage solution, its management team, and costs and fees.

We employed our homed precious metals broker review methodology while conducting this procedure. We also interviewed the company’s management team, employees, and some of the past and present customers.

Unfortunately, after thoroughly investigating the details we got from these sources, we could not rate the company among our first thirty gold IRA companies in the industry. If you are interested in finding out what we heard about the company, please read till the end.

As an expert review company, we aim to provide you with information and our opinions on all major providers in the precious metal sector. We believe the more information you can glean and the more expert opinions you can take advantage of, the better the likelihood of you making a great investment choice will be.

With your financial security in mind through growing wealth by investing in precious metals, we have carefully selected the companies we believe are, in our opinion, the best in the industry to invest through.

The companies we have rated as the top three companies in the industry are Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold. When we conducted our reviews on these companies, we found they had great experienced management teams, a vast number of online positive reviews, staff that new what they were talking about and could answer all our queries in a timely and accurate fashion and their staff were not at all pushy. They also offered great pricing and educational materials and support. I addition they also passed all our tests and review criteria.

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#3 Recommendation  Most Reliable IRA Provider

Colorado gold review

Colorado Gold Review

Introduction to Colorado Gold

Colorado Gold is a precious metals company founded in 1977 by Don Stott. The company started as a family-owned business. In 2015, Stott retired. However, his children still run the business (Melissa, David, and Morgen). When we spoke to a member of the team, he told us “The family is committed to maintaining the same business standards that Don Stott had developed over the years." As an expert review company, we believe this commitment has contributed to the business's A+ rating with BBB (Better Business Bureau).

When we spoke to another of the employees in the company, she told us that “the company doesn't believe in selling rare coins. In its opinion, they may pass as lovely collectibles, but they are not the best form of precious metals investment”. She further told us that “the company focuses on helping their customers make the best precious metals investment decisions”. She went on to say “they have decided to stick with the industry's most popular four precious metals used for investments in the USA today these are: silver, gold, palladium, and platinum coins and bullion bars”.

What is Colorado Gold Selling?

The company’s catalog contains coins and bars in the following precious metals categories;

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

In addition, the company sells IRA-eligible precious metals in these same categories. The company does not sell rare coins. It considers rare coins as beautiful collectibles. However, it does not think they are good investment choices. This is a view we also hold.

Some of the IRA-eligible precious metals in the company’s catalog are;

  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • Gold Australian Kangaroo
  • Silver American Eagle
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Platinum American Eagle
  • Platinum Austrian Philharmonic
  • Silver Australian Kangaroo

When we talked to a company employee, she told us that “it sells Palladium precious metals”. However, when we checked the website at the time of writing this review, the only palladium bar listed (1 OZ Palladium Bar)  and it was out of stock.

gold ira pros and cons

Colorado Gold Costs and Fees

The company charges a 1% transaction fee for every precious metal product that customers buy, including shipping and insurance. For orders above $50,000, Colorado Gold will charge a reduced 0.75% transaction fee, and for orders above $100,000, the company charges a further reduced 0.5% transaction fee.

The company does not partner with any IRA custodians. Therefore, customers who want to set up their precious metal IRA could do that through their preferred precious metals IRA custodians. This means Colorado Gold does not offer a one-stop shop from creating to funding and securing precious metals into your IRA.

They stated when questioned about the lack of a partnership arrangement for IRA custodianship,  "A handful of custodians allow physical metals in IRAs. A few that we've worked with over the years are listed below."

  • The Entrust Group
  • The New Direction Trust Company
  • Strata Trust Company

They do not recommend any single custodian.” Hence, the total fees for your precious metal IRAs will depend on the company you choose as your IRA custodian in addition to the percentage levied by Colorado Gold.

Colorado Gold Services & Products

Precious Metals


  • American Eagle Gold Coin
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
  • American Buffalo Gold Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin
  • British Sovereign Gold Coin


  • 1 gram Gold Valcambi Bar
  • 1 oz Gold Asahi Bar
  • 100 gram Gold Valcambi CombiBar
  • 1 oz Gold Credit Suisse Bar



  • American Eagle Silver Coin
  • South African Krugerrand Silver Coin
  • Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin


  • 100 gram Silver Valcambi CombiBar
  • 10 oz Silver JBR Bar
  • 250 gram Silver St Helena Bar
  • Kilo Silver JBR Bar



  • American Eagle Platinum Coin
  • British Britannia Platinum Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Platinum Coin


  • 10 oz Credit Suisse Platinum Bar
  • 1 oz Credit Suisse Platinum Bar

Special Deals

The company’s website has a section for Special Deals. That part is labeled "Our Specials." In this section, you will buy bars and coins at special prices. However, the products in this section are not constant. They vary depending on the company's inventory at certain times. Therefore, buyers must keep checking back constantly to know the available products in that section.

Precious Metals Storage

The company does not have a depository that it partners with. Therefore, the storage locations you can use for storing your IRA-eligible precious metals will depend on your chosen IRA custodian and the storage facilities it recommends.

The details on the company’s website about its shipping state, “Your metals are stored in depositories and are under the control of your IRA custodian.” 

“Colorado Gold will arrange for shipment of your order directly to the depository, and the order will be stored in your name. When selling from your IRA, Colorado Gold will fund the account with cash once the transfer has occurred.”

Selling Precious Metals to Colorado Gold

The company does not only sell precious metals. It buys from customers and non-customers too. When we spoke to the company’s customer care about this service, she told us that customers must fill out the company’s clients’ forms before selling their precious metals to Colorado Gold.

After clients who want to sell have filled out the form, Colorado Gold will send them a quote. The quote will show you the price at which the company will lock in the sale of your precious metals. If the sale is agreed, then  you can go ahead to ship the metals to Colorado Gold.

Furthermore, you will not pay a transaction fee if you are reselling the precious metals you bought from the company. However, if you are trying to sell a precious metal you did not buy from the company, you will pay a 1% transaction fee.

Precious Metals IRA

Investors who want to add precious metals to their portfolio can work with Colorado Gold. The company can work with investors' preferred IRA custodians who can roll over from an existing IRA or transfer funds to their precious metal IRA. All these investors need to do first is to set up and fund their IRA through their preferred custodians.

Immediately after the funding process is complete, Colorado Gold can assist you in buying your preferred IRA-eligible precious metals. When the buying process is complete, Colorado Gold will ship your orders to your preferred IRS-approved depository.

How Do Other Customer Review Sites Rate Colorado Gold?

BB Review and Customer Testimonials


BBB had recorded zero complaint for Colorado Gold in the last three years

Business Consumer Alllience Review

No Reviews Were Found

No Reviews Were Found

Google review

No Reviews Were Found

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Facebook Reviews

No Reviews Were Found

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Trustpilot Reviews

No Reviews Were Found

No Reviews Were Found

Colorado Gold Promotions

When we asked another Colorado Gold employee about the company’s promotional offerings, he revealed that the company had no promotional offer at the time of writing this review.

If you desire to invest in a precious metals IRA through a company with promotional offers for new customers, we recommend opening an account with Goldco. Goldco gives you about $10,000 worth of free silver as a new investor if you qualify.

free $10,000 in silver

Colorado Gold Pros And Cons

Colorado Gold Pros
Colorado Gold is a BBB-accredited business
They have an A+ rating and zero recorded complaint on the BBB review site in the last three years
They have spent over 40 years in the precious metals industry.
Their pricing is very transparant
Colorado Gold Cons
For a company that has been in business for over 40 years we would expect to find more public reviews and ratings on sites like BCA, Google and Trust Pilot. This is a reg warning flag in our opinion
They are not and do not partner with IRA custodians and depositories. This makes providing a seamless one stop shop harder
At the time of writing this review their inventory as listed on their website was much smaller than many of their competitor
At the time of writing this review despite having a small inventory of listed products many of them were listed as out of stock ,this is another potential red flag in our opinion.

Conclusion to our Colorado Gold Review

In conclusion to this Colorado Gold review Bear Lake Gold believes after our rigorous investigation, Colorado Gold does not operate a scam based on what we discovered about the company. It is a legitimate provider in the precious metal space, all be it one of the weaker providers we have review in our opinion,

Because they have been in business for over 40 years, we would have thought they would have flown through all our checks and balance and they did not.

We had serious concerns about the lack of customer reviews on third party sites and despite advertising for previous customer to come forward to help us with our research we were unable to recruit enough customers to make the sample statistically relevant.

I can find people to ask about the quality of their customer service as an expert review company we cannot recommend them to our readers.

We have rated three companies as excellent not just in customer services provision but in all the areas we examine as part of our review process.

Our top three recommended precious metals IRA companies are Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold.

They have the most excellent customer service departments in the industry. In addition, you will enjoy all the other perks that come with investing through a company that cares about your investment needs and goals.

To find out what these other perks are, please click the buttons below to get a full review of these companies.

Our Recommended Alternatives To Colorado Gold

Our #1 Precious Metals & Gold IRA Company - Best Overall

Augusta Precious Metals is our best rated overall precious metals company

  • Customer care is exceptional
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • The best FREE investment guide in the industry
  • Zero complaints on BBB & BCA
  • Free shipping on all orders

Our #2 Recommendation - Best For Promotions

Goldco is our second top rated gold and precious metal company. Having been top rated all of last year they were very close top Augusta Precious metals

  • Great promotional offers
  • Pricing is highly competitive
  • Educational program second to none
  • FREE investment guide in the industry
  • High buyback prices
  • Expert guidance provided by the team
  • First years fees waivered for new customers

Our #3 Gold & Silver Company -Great Prices and Great Customer Service

American Hartford Gold is our third top rated company.

  • A leading, recognized and trusted brand in the industry
  • A family owned and run business
  • Excellent customer service
  • Buy back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Promotional offers for new  customers
  • Transparent about cost
  • Diligent when it comes to compliance


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